Osme is on a mission to create a mindful skincare community where we embrace our different skin types and equip others to be in tune with their skin needs in every season and stage of life. Osme’s vision is to continue creating small batches of effective skincare basics. We hope to encourage our communities to avoid "fast-skincare" and challenge the norm of mass production to one that is kind to our planet. 

Osme cruelty-free
Osme vegan
Osme for all skin types
Our Co-Founders

When it comes to skincare, we knew there was something missing in the industry... products that are gentle, chemical-free, stripped of unnecessary ingredients and for a genuine cause. Rachel and Annie came together with the same vision and purpose to create thoughtful products with ingredients that are proven to work. All of the products are handcrafted, researched and tested to bring you a minimalist skincare routine that will not harm your skin barrier but equip you to understand your skin a bit better. Join us as we evolve, listen to our audience and continue creating with a purpose.

With love,

Rachel & Annie