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10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas
The holidays can be stressful… so we wanted to put together a list of 10 gifts that are on our wish list this year! We wanted to put together some things that align with our values of being thoughtfully created...
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Behind the Scenes
We want transparency and authenticity. 

We all love looking at reviews and hearing what others have to say to feel validated and assured when making any purchase online. I mean that’s what made Amazon’s shopping experiences so great, but why can’t we do the same with skincare?
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Rachel's Story

Hey there. I'm Rachel. 

Daughter to two lovely parents, big sister to one partner-in-crime, a passionate skincare enthusiast, and founder of Osme. 

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ABCs of skincare

What product should I use? What is the best skincare routine? How do I know what combination of products will work best for me?

Whether you’re a skincare buff or novice, these are some questions that you’d surely Googled at least once. After all, no one is born knowing what products are compatible with their skin and which are not and which steps are ideal and which ones can be omitted.

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